Japan Data Exchange Inc.

Data Marketplace, "JDEX®️", has been launched!

  • Trotter

    "Market Guide" for Working Professionals in the Field of Data Distribution

    For sixteen different industry themes, we will discuss noteworthy case studies and trends in related topics such as API Economy, EdTech, Open Data, Social Research, Awareness Surveys, Smart Cities and IoT Data Distribution.


  • When the "weapons" of digital transformation are not enough

    We conduct advanced case study research, prepare implementation plans and provide consultation from scratch. We provide suitable strategies and practices for each purpose, including measuring advertising effectiveness, product development and new business planning.

  • To prevent problems in data trading

    We provided support from searching for procurement sources to overseeing contracts, collaborating with analysis companies and jointly devising ways to use data. Also, for standardization of trading terms, sharing metadata and insurance for data trading are under development.

  • When you are facing problems with "organizational barriers and gaps in understanding"

    We provide full support for creating a system to share diverse data across the organization, from planning and designing systems, examining legal issues, finding partners to practical applications.

  • Data Marketplace

    We will finally launch a new data trading service this fall. Whether at home or in the office, you can quickly find the required data at your fingertips. You can quickly post the data you want to sell and advertise for buyers with ease. One of the leading data brokers of Japan support this reliable and free data distribution.