Corporate Profile

Company Name Japan Data Exchange Inc. (common name:J-DEX)
Address 2-19-9 Ebisu-Nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
CEO Naokazu ‘Nick’ Morita
Board Member Ryuji Yokoyama
Hirofumi Sawa
Auditor Mikio Jitsukawa
Advisor Daiya Hashimoto
Kento Hayashi
Incorporated 2016/2/12
Capital JPY 12million (capital reserve is included.)
Datasection inc.
Naokazu Morita
Business ・Offer in the most suitable Data Exchange Market with fairness, safety and reliability
・Consulting concerned with Big Data utilization of an enterprise
・Decision all kinds' guideline for data utilization
・Study about Big Data and AI


Naokazu “Nick” Morita
Naokazu “Nick” Morita
CEO and Founder

Graduated Faculty of Law, Keio University in 1989.
Worked for Mitsubishi Corporation, the largest trading company in Japan, for 20 years.
During 1990s, in emerging internet world, participated numbers of projects of establishing BtoB model business as general trading company.
2001-2005 assigned to Mitsubishi International Corporation in New York City.
Responsible position in internet business department, worked for venture investments, fund investments, and started new business with entrepreneur in silicon valley.
2007- partner of Entrepia Ventures, independent VC, executive officer of Macromill corp. CEO of Zappallas Inc, (US).
2016 Feb. established Japan Data Exchange Inc. with Data Section Inc. and Digital Intelligence Inc.
Now working on starting – up of data exchange business as compilation of 20 years dedication to IT business experiences.

Kunihiko Ueshima

Graduated Literature department of private university, and was going to work for suburban type book store and have calm days with close families, from some co-incidents, happened to serve for Web content development support, SNS analysis, Data activation consulting, survey of data commerce industry. From 2016, dealing with embodiment of data exchange market in Japan.

Misaki Hishinuma

2013- worked as study support at major individual tutoring school. Guided wide range in ages and subjects. Graduated from Waseda Univ.
Participated in DXC secretariat in 2015, and joined J-dex in 2016.


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【Tokyo】1-32-16, Ebisu-Nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0021, JAPAN
【New York】 Coming Soon
Establishment:Oct 30, 2009
Business Area
Total Digital Consulting services

・Digital marketing management/evaluation in organizations
・Digital marketing HR development
・Marketing platform development
・Website structure reforms
・Introduction of DSP/RTB, Audience Targeting(AT) programs, and etc.

Datasection inc.

Listed on “MOTHERS” section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange since 2014

Office :
Taiyo-Seimei Build. 7th flr. 2-17-2 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
President&CEO : Hirofumi Sawa
Establishment : July, 2000
Business Area:

・Customer marketing
・Rumor risk management strategy
・Image data analysis
・Business consulting and developing systems
・Overseas SNS analysis


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◆Our new web site launched(July 8, 2016)

Added ‘What is Data Exchange?’, ‘Service’, ‘Privacy Policy’ and ‘Security Policy’

◆at JANE(June 21,2016)

Our CEO, N.Morita made a presentation on ‘Present and Future of Data Exchange as business’ for members of JANE – Japan Association of New Economy.
Details – click here

◆Media coverage(June 13, 016):

Interview of our CEO,N.Morita appeared on Yahoo! Insight for D

◆Our HQ’s new address(May 1, 2016):

2-19-9 Ebisu-Nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

◆Media coverage(Feb. 12, 2016):

Article on our company’s Establishment appeared on the Nikkei newspaper

◆Announcement of establishment(Feb. 12, 2016)

We have established Japan Data Exchange Inc.
Press release – click here(Japanese)


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