Japan Data Exchange Inc.

Data Exchange Business

We will support you: from searching suppliers, organizing contracts, coordinating projects with analysis professionals, to co-developing utilization methods.
We prevent troubles likely to occur, before ’starting’ data utilization.
Standardizing meta-data including API and standardization of agreements setting for automating operations and transactions, are also available.


Producing Internal and External Organization Data Utilization

For sophistication of internal and external organization data utilization, we are ready to propose various services; advanced case studies, research planning supports, and data utilization consulting.
We support from verification of publicity effect, developing products concepts, and planning new business in accordance with business purposes and appropriate data collecting and utilization.


Personal Data Service

Services for individuals to collect data, manage data and control usage of data, by and for him/herself.
We aim that our customers will understand, collect, control, manage and transact personal data easily and simply by him/herself.


Website: Data Market Trotter

Market guide for person working in the data business.
In accordance with 16 categories, we introduce latest case studies, trends on API economy, EdTech, Open Data, Social Research, Survey on Social Awareness, Smart City, and IoT.

> Data Market Trotter