Producing Internal and External Organization Data Utilization

We support critical points in the projects, from preliminary cost calculation, collecting data, managing working team to project enforcement.

Recently, number of B2B and inter-division data utilizing teams are increasing rapidly, but substantial points lay in very early part of processes.

Facing with difficulties on hypothesis derivation and enforcement development, data purchasing and tool renewals will not solve the problems.

Internal/external organization data management:
support work-level in contract to project management

When consulted for data transaction, we often find that data are ‘stuck in’ somewhere in work-flow. Substantial of the problems may be merely an accumulation of small, everyday business errors and inaccuracies.

Co-development of business data utilization plan and strategy

Well implemented research, costly purchased data, considerably introduced tools, staffs fully utilize those, are limited to who has introduced them. And if the person is transferred to other department or division, tools, research and data will never be utilized and may be discovered as ‘dead stocks’ after several years later.
To avoid the repetition of such bitter experiences, we support to create new methods to utilize data.

Service line-ups and price menu samples

Produce on
Analysis Planning
If you want to…
‘organize external data for internal use, but arranging information has not yet been even started. ‘
‘outsource data-analysis.’

・Construction of out-office data utilization for in-office use.

・To find out issues and recommendation of alliance partners

・Formulate in-office data treatment/management policy

JPY 200,000 ~
per 2 weeks
Data Steward
If you want to…
‘start inter-division business projects, but cannot organize data scattered all over in your office.’
‘start internal and external organization data utilization projects, but do not know how to manage project team. ‘

・Organizing In-office data by sending our Data steward*

・consultation on tool introduction

・Supporting defining roles and skills of project members

・PMO specialized in data utilizing

・Planning Out-office data utilization from practical usage

JPY 400,000 ~
per 1 month
Project Support
If you want to…
‘start new business based on data analysis, but do not have any effective plans.’ ‘proceed Proof of Concepts (‘PoC’) with low cost.’
‘start data-utilization project involving external organizations, but do not have enough knowledge of project management.’

・processing data and analysis support (arrangement of outsourcing)

・management of idea-thon by multi-stake-holder process

・Plan proposal and support for ‘PoC’

・Joint business feasibility study

JPY 800,000 ~
per 2 months
Data Exchange Support
If you want to…
‘transmit information on new services and independent research.’
‘start projects with your exchangeable data in your organization in accordance with right processing and legal regulations, etc.’

・arrangement of rights and interests with co-working/related organizations

・data processing for privacy control/protection

・preparation of sales packages

・agency services for data and product exchanges

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※Data Steward… is a managing position that unifies all sorts of In-office data and maintains data as company ‘resource’.