Japan Data Exchange Inc.

Developing Data Strategy and Practices

When the “weapons” of digital transformation are not enough

We conduct advanced case study research, prepare implementation plans and provide consultation from scratch. We provide suitable strategies and practices for each purpose, including measuring advertising effectiveness, product development and new business planning.




・ First, we listen to our field teams to identify “issues that really need to be resolved” and “data that is definitively required”.

・ Next, we start creating basic statistics, and if necessary, invite partner companies to conduct research and analysis that will be used as model cases.

・ Based on the results, we prepare to implement measures for resolving the issues, verify the effectiveness of measures, and create a platform for the measures to be established in the company.

Basic Concept


・ There is a difference between “comprehension” and “ability to execute”. The concept of digital transformation is the “ability to execute” everything within the company. Various reasons can prevent this, but the problem is that the concerned personnel “can comprehend” but “cannot execute” within the company.

・ Rather than advising or outsourcing, we focus on working with our clients to envision the future with the “ability to execute”, think through the vision and take action.

Case Studies


Consultation Solution
1. Systematization of KPIs and development of dashboards to measure the effectiveness of marketing We want to develop a dashboard that can quickly evaluate marketing initiatives across multiple media. We want to support right from data selection. Systematization of metrics in conformity with consumer behavior using internal data of customer and data of third parties under contract as inventory. Visualization with commercially available BI tools.
2.Multi-faceted understanding of industry trends that use open data from the government
We want to prepare a report for the entire company that provides an overview of the medium- to long-term outlook on social dynamics and international affairs. We want to compile and regularly update a list of the data we have used. We compiled a long list from our list and open data and selected about 50 types. We also provide support, such as technical guidance for in-house development.