Japan Data Exchange Inc.

Development of a Data Sharing Ecosystem

When you are facing problems with “organizational barriers and gaps in understanding”

We provide full support for creating a system to share diverse data across the organization, from planning and designing systems, examining legal issues, finding partners to practical applications.




・ In recent years, data sharing businesses have come up in various parts of Japan, and many platforms are being built and developed.

・ Since its inception, our company has been involved in concept planning, service design, feasibility testing, practical application, and operational improvement for data sharing businesses in various fields.

・ We will use our know-how and experience to support the step-up of your data distribution platform.

Basic Concept


・ Development of an ecosystem for data distribution can be achieved by promoting the business from diverse perspectives, such as service, legal and cultural aspects, and not just system development.

・ Extensive expertise and diverse corporate partnerships are required, and there are limits to what individual companies can do on their own. Feel free to consult us in any stage of your business, business boot-up in the initial planning stage, changing the trajectory while engaging in business, and establishing an ecosystem for business expansion.

Case Studies


Consultation Solution
1.Sharing of media and sales data for complex marketing effectiveness measurement
We want to develop a methodology to verify marketing effectiveness and integrate online and offline methods. We and a business company, PR agency and university formed a collaborative research group to develop the methodology for formulating the metrics to measure effectiveness.➤Food Trends Research Group(URL)
2.Organizing metadata strategies and legal issues for global environmental data-sharing platforms We want to expand the visibility and use of programs for promoting the global environmental information platforms to be jointly used by researchers within and outside Japan, ensure legal interoperability and organize the metadata strategies. We have collaborated with ministries, administrative entities, participating organizations, researchers and lawyers, provided advice on overall strategy, planning and drafting of solutions, and practical support for terms and conditions, privacy policies, license indications, data citations and metadata item definitions.
3.Support for business development of automotive data sharing platform
To build a data distribution scheme within an industry in the East Asia region, we want to formulate the critical path to commercialization, identify areas of concern and propose measures. With geospatial information, digital content and art auctions, etc. as examples, we have proposed anticipated risks and measures from three perspectives, legal, technical and personnel issues.