Japan Data Exchange Inc.

Data Purchase and Sales Support

To prevent problems in data trading

We provided support from searching for procurement sources to overseeing contracts, collaborating with analysis companies and jointly devising ways to use data. Also, for standardization of trading terms, sharing metadata and insurance for data trading are under development.




One of the reasons for the stagnation of digital transformation is “insufficient data”. Many organizations are engaged in business without knowing what data is available in the market. Although they “grapple” with immediate challenges using only the data that is easily accessible to them, it does not work out, and they then resort to “KKD (Kan – Intuition, Keiken – Experience, and Dokyo – Courage)”. We can help you find the right data that will be the key to solving your problems.

Basic Concept


・ Data exchange are a daunting task. Who and under what conditions can provide your company with the right data? Find out where the data is available and how it can be obtained and make the data freely available within the company.

・ If the data you want is not yet available in the market, we will help you create the procedures to collect, clean, and process the data. Please consult with us for the development of new data products. We provide a full range of services, from quality evaluation, pricing, and service menu development to sales representation.

・ The most common stumbling block is the signing of a trade agreement. We provide advice on essential points to support smooth purchase and sale.

Case Studies


Consultation Solution
1.Procurement of data related to the stock market (intermediation) As an individual investor, I want to monitor stock-related metrics regularly. Public data is not easy to use, and understanding how the data is linked with other indicators is challenging. We have delivered a data product in which stock price information and other economic indicators were obtained from public information. They were combined and further integrated with paid information.
2.Data procurement for online media (intermediation) We are establishing a new data strategy department and want support for data utilization in digital media. We also want to conduct analyses using recent data and technologies. One-on-one support for a series of tasks such as understanding data, tool comparison, data processing and report preparation. This led to the new handling of related data.
3.Data products combining social media and smartphone applications (product development) The actual nature of news consumption across the media is difficult to track using the key metrics of the digital marketing industry. Can reference data be prepared? We created a data book that allows you to compare news dissemination on social networking sites and smartphone application usage behavior by gender, age and genre.
4.Establish a system to procure and utilize data in new fields (preparation for purchase) We want to procure new data that has not been used internally in our company. We were hoping you could compare and select viable candidates, demonstrate data processing, and support using the data for practical applications. We were able to conceptualize the practical applications of data even before procurement with the steady efforts by our internal sales staff, and various departments are gradually using the system.