What is Data Exchange?

Increase in data transaction volume

(ref.)  Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Research study on ‘estimation of circulation amount and current activation status of Big Data. ‘(2016)

According to Ministry of internal affairs and communications’ study, Big Data transaction volume increased 9.3 times in 9 years between 2005 and 2014.
Activation of Big Data is an urgent business of the society, and it may be a big factor of domestic industry growth.

Types of circulating data(image)

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Circulating data can be classified into 4 types;
Data unprocessed
Data processed, and purpose of use undetermined
Data subjected to sale, and purpose of use determined
Data confidential and in-house usage determined

Tradable data is the most important within 4 circulated data mentioned above.

Current domestic data industry in Japan

Domestic data industry is facing difficulties both in in-house and out-house, from reasons such as characteristic of big data transaction itself, or condition derived from its rising status.
The issues contain various kinds, and solution is now being waited.

(ref.) Ministry of Economy and Trade and Industry
Report on Supporting program of venture business responsible for advanced issues. `support for data activation promotion’

data transaction basics

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At the beginning , data transaction meant data offering groups offer data to data gathering groups. Or data gathering company transfer data for the analysis.

Difficulties in the real(ex. SNS data)

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Because various players co-working within data transaction industry, it is very likely to become complicated in what subject, to whom, to what, how data should be managed.
Especially, ‘the wall’ in the out-office data transaction is likely to become very complicated to overcome as the number of participants increases. And, it may be very difficult to lecture the data management tasks for the individuals concerned within the office where numbers of stakeholders work inside office.

Where to start(perspective for business data activation)

When a company starts activation of in-office data, it is necessary to clear the issue and define the purpose of usage in appropriate methods and subjects.
By supporting organizing tasks and exchanging data consistently, we lead the in-house issues to the solution.

5 steps for in-house data activation

To activate data effectively, it is very useful for constructing data activate process and make experimental work with following 5 steps in mind.

For realization of data exchange platform

○Future vision of data exchange
In near future, data will be transacted as commodity transactions today.
We head to construct platform where data shall be traded safely and fairly for the big data nation.

○Factors of data transaction platform
Data transaction platform is constructed only when the following 3 factors correspond each other. We present services based on 3 platforms.

Communication. Service. System.