Data exchange is not just buying and selling real data. Consideration on private policy, business models, existing business, and so on, are very important when the company deal with data. It is likely to increase responsibility on a person in charge of business analysis and planning and business tie-ups (alliance, collaboration) . These circumstances close the door for Japanese companies to activate data.

For details: what is data exchange?

Japan Data Exchange Inc. is supporting the person engaged in planning using data and an analysis with an enterprise and the organization.

  • Market Research

    ・General trend in domestic data industry.

    ・Current trend on personal data and privacy policy.

    ・Case study on international data exchange market.


  • Data Steward

    ・Organizing In-office data

    ・Planning In-office data utilization procedure


  • Produce on Analysis Planning

    ・Out-office data utilization-package

    ・Establishing In-office data management policy


  • Support for Proof of Concept(PoC)

    ・Starting up data-driven new business


Need further help?

Q1 New section of big data, IoT, AI, has been set-up and now ready to start new business.
Where to start? Whom to ask for advice?
A1 We make a research on domestic data industry according to customers’ needs.
We provide related business and market conditions, competitive service and merchandise( commodity/ product/ item) in report style.
Q2 Data activation project is now under process, as persons concerned from multi interests increase, coordination mutual understandings and building relationship within the team is getting very difficult, and fundamental policy cannot be in consensus and the plan itself is in confusion.
A2 We serve as PMO specialized on data activation.
Improvement on data sharing and complicated coordination will be expected.
Q3 Want to start data exchange with in-office data, but no experience in company.
Need to draw up (work out) a company rule, business policy and flow on sales method.
A3 We support to formulate in-office data treatment policy as a forerunner to expanding data exchange market.
Q4 Have interests in starting new business with data analysis, no practical ideas.
A4 Ideas give away blindly never works efficiently and it may cost worthy time.
Practicing idea-thon by multi-stakeholder process will make a breakthrough.

Market Research

Custom-made Marketing Research

We make survey on Japanese / international data industry market according to customers’ needs.
We work on wide range of services, such as industry trend surveillance, international survey with customized content, and latest technology trend.

■Menus on our research
・General trend in domestic data industry
・Case study on leading company’s data utilization
・Trend study on public sector data utilization.
・Research on international data exchange market.

Data Steward

What is data steward?

Data steward is a managing position that unifies all sorts of In-office data and maintains data as company ‘resource’.
We serve as data steward, by maintaining and organizing In-office data. Data discovery will be a lot meaningful and lead to improve business efficiency.

How to utilize In-office data

We first identify the condition of In-office data and how data is being utilized.
And as next step,
Examine the issues and classify data to improve the situation.
And we make best choice for the issue and we act as an ‘accompanist toward problem solving’.
For more details, please contact us.

Data utilization with prospective.

There are many points to be considered in the process of utilizing data, for example, private policy law.
Careful preparation is necessary for successful project.

Produce on Analysis Planning

How to analyse and plan

Usually, numbers of companies are involved in Data Analysis Project, and complicated processes are held simultaneously. And, it is quite rare that first analysis results in success,
Through multiple repetitions of analysis and verification, analysis model can be completed .
For this procedure, appropriate person in charge to overlook the project and manage plans
is necessary, namely,’ analysis producer.’

regulation on communication

Task includes; framing, planning and project management on analysis roadmaps.
Also, analysis producer supports team-operation and shares common understanding between team members.

Out-office data utilizing package

Thousands of useful business data available in real world. Even ‘what is to know’ is clearly defined, means and considerations are indispensable in choosing the best combination of individual data.
By selecting ‘which data’ to ‘when’ and ‘where’ to utilize, we support your business with constructing ‘custom-made tool box’ for data selection.

Support for Proof of Concept

What is Proof of Concept(PoC)?

PoC is to measure project - success possibility through experimenting business model in small scale. It is very important to prepare appropriate condition for the experiment.

Necessity of PoC

Try and error is an inevitable in data utilization.
Condition, correlation between one and more data, knowledge from hypothesis, are few of uncertainty factors.
So it is very valuable to verify the feasibility with experimental demonstration to make project successful.

Strong advantages of PoC with J-DEX.

Based on experimental demonstration know-hows, achieved in DXC since 2014, we make smooth multi-data interchange and project management.

Data exchange platform development


In order to provide data exchange market with fairness, safety, and reliability, we are now developing data exchange platform for our customers to solve the issues.

DXC has several groups to clarify what function should be provided in practical usage.

Our Profeccional Service Fee~ask for details~

Market Research Data Steward Produce on Analysis Planning Support for Proof of Concept(PoC)
・Case study on international data secondary market
・General trend in domestic data industry
・Case study on data utilization of leading companies
・Trend study on data utilization of public administrations
・Political and technical trend on privacy policy and personal information
・Organizing In-office data by sending our data steward
・Supporting defining roles and skills of project members
・PMO specialized in Data utilizing
・Planning Out-office data utilization from practical usage.
・Construction of out-office data utilization for in-office use.
・To find out issues and recommendation of alliance partners
・consultation on tool introduction
・Formulate in-office data treatment/management policy
・management of idea-thon by multi-stake-holder process
・Plan proposal and support for PoC
・Joint business feasibility study
Fee JPY 300,000~ JPY 600,000~ JPY 900,000~ JPY 900,000~